jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

The Uchile English

My experience … uff! A Little complicated because exist people (my classmates), that no permit that I can concentrate jajaja … they speak me all the class and not only about topic of the class. They speak about her lives, her morning experience wuaa!!More things!
But even so I enjoy the class of blog, because in this class I can express my things and is a class more relax and for me is more easy for me explain writing that speak.
I find very interesting to can learn other language, because this tools for me work future like geographer or like person, because you can communicate with other people. In other circumstances, as well of your job, you can to have the opportunity of travel for holidays or for job.
The most boring of the class and the English is can’t understand when somebody speak you, and you can’t … and the more more more boring is the test jajaja, I don’t like the test! Moreover the component of this test! The complete the sentences or when you have that to choose a person for the description is a very complicated.
For me the most difficult is the listening, because I have a horrible ear! I find it difficult listen, one because the person of the CDs speak more fast!! Two because I can’t concentrate in this and three because I don´t understand!!!
And finally the best of the Uchile English is the teacher Simon!

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  1. My dear friendas! sorry but i like to talk very much, and in english is more easy for doing, bcause you doný need to much concentrate! wuajakjakjakjaja xD

  2. I too hard to understand when people talk in English, is one of the most complicated things. But friends I know you can learn English because you are very intelligent. I love you