miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

mmmm buy! that is bored or looking out to buy clothes or things for a long time! I must admit I'm not one of the typical girls who love to go shopping to strolling through a mall viedno thousands of nice things you love to buy but can not because they are very expensive! in that case I prefer walking down the street, in parks or just being at home. but if you ask me I like to buy the answer is SCARVES! I love
whether to shelter the neck, ornament, or hang them in elgun place just to see the colors! I love especially the kind that are induced, Arabic and weird things, besides having wonderful designs and colors, smell good, have a scent like incense or antique shop! the last time that "out shopping" with my dad (with my mom can not leave, because nothing like it I like, besides that it sa reeks tired and the sun like me) ... scarves I bought 8! all similar but different, shape and color! I wanted more but had no more money to spend! another thing I like buying are polerones and jackets, also I have many different shapes and different colors! I think when I have wanted to buy a specific product, because now I have pants in different colors and different types, jeans and divers. ah! so if you do not buy anything in the mall or shops known names, one reason is because everything is more expensive and I never like clothing designs that sell them.
Fiestas Patrias best of my childhood are those in which the whole family is gathered, I remember when we were small my sister and my cousins, our parents brought us to Cajon del Maipo, family outings mass were all together in the few cars that had then provided the work is divided between those who were doing nothing cooking and playing with children, and play play with us because if a line appeared ALL jumped, kites soar if all we had a kite, all were running and climbed the nearby hills, we were now before a playful children have grown and we have to assume that we have put more boring, so we are not interested in family and go out to play with the young cousins being left, even so do not lose the whole family to meet any of the days in which they celebrate the national holiday. and in that momenton is when grandparents, uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, cousins back to childhood, to run, jump, laugh and play as usual, doing the same silly and very funny jokes that nobody is saved. Now the biggest addition to spending time with family we take a day or more for hanging out with friends, who are your other family, that you choose, where you laugh, go out to different parts etc. Fiesta Patrias how are you, where my companions incomparable holiday, outings, lessons, laughs, jokes and everything not to miss! that it can enjoy being with them all. for me today Independence Day are the times when we remember that we are part of a country, we have a nationality and belong to a particular territory to be protected and care, plus we also remember a story with memorable characters . What we do not undervalue the need to be fun.

domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Student Demostrations

About the student demonstrations, I think they are an appropriate way to show displeasure or approval compared to topics of relevance to the education ... but the events of the last moments, that is, those that have taken place in the FAU, and they have to do with the demands for better education, and against the government's privatization agenda, I think you have taken the wrong methods , at this time of year and to the discourse of the government toward the students' demands, they can not deal with forms of manifestation that is known will have no acceptance, nor by the government, thus generating a response, or by public opinion, that is that in these cases result in the massive pressure needed to generate required type claims against the government. This year along with other partners participating in the demonstration against the thermoelectric "Punta de Choros," which is true if it causes people to give their support against a political measure installation, not wanting to say that today this resolution is positive and that which was expected, however I have not participated in the demonstrations that have to do with the students' demands, as I believe that the methods to exert pressure exerted say are wrong and do not lead to a government take appropriate decisions for the benefit of students, what not to say that do not agree with these demands. I feel totally identified with them, and I think we are just having to do with the education that we are and want to hear, but to win a battle against people who have the power, you have to work well.