jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

If i could choose a job, obviously will be of geographer, because is my vocation, and developing this job i can travel around the world… and other job that could choose will be pilot of helicopters… because the can fly and to know the world, like it looks in the maps jajajaja i believe that i would choose anything job that permit me can travel and aren’t shut in a office.
I think that enjoy this job because is my passion the to be in differents parts of the world, looking differents place, and differents people. I believe that my secret mission in this world is to be an explorer… but i don’t know which is the i have that to do jajajjaja…
I will be satisfied with this job, because is that i want to do! I want travel and to know, and to walk around the world… jajajja… and like pilot the helicopter i could to jump in parachute. And to fly by the airs and to be happy by somo moments.
I know somepeople geographer, but dont like me their job, because they are teacher in universities and are approached in the social area, and to me dont like this topic of the geography… and too meet to a pilot of helicopter, because my uncle is commando, and one of the formers of the parachuting school in our country… and moreover of to be helicopter pilot is too paratrooper … although now he this removed… i hope still i have a oportunity of to jump!!!!

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Wuooo! I like to meet to Patch Adams, the inventor of laughter therapy or humour therapy… he is an american medical that try to find solutions at the disease through the laugh and humour… when he visit Chile in August of 2005… i was a person very happy jajajaja… because he was very near of the sicks of this country and were the oportunity of to be a little happy in their treatments.

I want a meet with he, because since that i see a movie about his life… I say: that good medical!... like that as he would to be all the medical of the word… i think that he is a person very concerned for the other people… he is a medical by vocation.

In a conversation with he… I will ask him Why choose the alternative medicine for to cure the illness?, when was born the idea of to crete medical center of laughter therapy?... if do he believe that the movie about his life were a true xhibition about his job?... and like that more question that in this moment i can’t write.

For me would be interesting to meet to this person because, in some moment of my life… i think to be a medical, just for the inspiration that to cause in me the movie of Patch Adams… to see as the person had a best cheer and they looks best their health. In adition i believe that all medical of this country must meet he, like that he could to improve their methods for to cure to their patient.

Like that as like me to meet to Patch Adams, as well like me to meet to Robin William, the protagonist of the film about Patch Adams, because i think that he is other person that look the good th other people.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

A perfect day

My perfect day will be a day in that i could to share with friends, family and all they would live in a environment of happiness. In a place out and far of the city… with fresh air, without the tipical problems caused by the jobs, the stress. I will want much music, much dance, much smiles and laught. I will like me a day in that i don’t remember the event of yesterday. If yesterday i have a problem, some bad face, an unpleasant comment … today to beginning again…
I believe that my day will begin very early, like this the time become very long, althought if i will can realice all my plans…the day same will be very short…

First i will go to the mountain and if try to fly in paraglinding or a glider, after i if to be for much time doing nothing, only looking and listening the peace of the place… my}aybe i want to be to keep with a person or just with my music…
Second i would go to eat muuuuuch food… food of my mother and my grandmother, always with my music and the laught of my friends… because your jokes are very funny…
Third i would dance for much time!!! I miss my love dance!! I miss to be with my friends shut away in a room… but if now is a place wonderfull … much better!!!!!

I love the music, i love the environment, i love my dance, i love my friends!