viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

MY Music! (L)

Beautiful Monster

Because of you

Sexy Love

Champagne Life

Ne-Yo - One In A Million

jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

The Uchile English

My experience … uff! A Little complicated because exist people (my classmates), that no permit that I can concentrate jajaja … they speak me all the class and not only about topic of the class. They speak about her lives, her morning experience wuaa!!More things!
But even so I enjoy the class of blog, because in this class I can express my things and is a class more relax and for me is more easy for me explain writing that speak.
I find very interesting to can learn other language, because this tools for me work future like geographer or like person, because you can communicate with other people. In other circumstances, as well of your job, you can to have the opportunity of travel for holidays or for job.
The most boring of the class and the English is can’t understand when somebody speak you, and you can’t … and the more more more boring is the test jajaja, I don’t like the test! Moreover the component of this test! The complete the sentences or when you have that to choose a person for the description is a very complicated.
For me the most difficult is the listening, because I have a horrible ear! I find it difficult listen, one because the person of the CDs speak more fast!! Two because I can’t concentrate in this and three because I don´t understand!!!
And finally the best of the Uchile English is the teacher Simon!

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

The blog that more like me is the all my friends, because all they have something of like me. Camila’s blog, because she speak and write about topic of interesting. Her blogs is very natural, your comments are very good, and your images are wonderful. The elements of her blog like me that are the post in that Camila speak about her experience in the mountain. The post that I most enjoy is the ser PERFECT DAY, because I also wanted too have a perfect day like she. She can to improve her blog with more colors and musical videos!!!
Nicole’s blog because, is so cute like she, the colors, the post are very funny. Such as is she daily. Moreover she has videos and music. The elements have that her blog and like me that is the fluorescent colors, her post very entertaining. And the post that I most enjoy is her heavenly holidays, in the French Polynesia. She can to improve her blog with image funnier.
Javiera’s blog because is very beautiful! So innocent like she. Is the blog of a girl, the colors, the post are very Javi! Jajaja. The post that I like of Javiera is “the person that she want to meet” because her answer is the Father Christmas… jajajaja! I also want too meet he!!!! For to have more gift! Jajajaj… they can to improve her blog with music and more colors!!
Palomita’s blog because your post includes my testes, moreover is very happy in her colors and her images. The post that I most enjoy is the post about “Paul Walker”, because love me heeee! His movies and this pictures!

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

My favourite game

When i was child, was "EL Tombo", and "El Alto", the first game played with two team, opposite one of other, with 6 or more members everyone, and one ball. for the two team, to choose a lot of bases, in a space outdoor, in the we can run without to bother whit the shouts or with the ball.

every team have a turn for to play, being one team the that run and th other the team that to burn with the ball... like a the baseballhab that to exist a pitcher of the a team, and a batter that in this case hit the ball with the arms from a much distance, for the opposite team take to long in go the look and the to pick up the ball. this is it for can run for the bases and to score a point. The turn finish whe the team that hit and run, to make past a every your members and loose the oportunities og to score more point, for like that to can to begin the other team.

I played when i arrived of the school and we was in the street with my meighbor, that too was littles like i.
I like this game because is a funny game, in this you can share with your friends, to run and to shout how you want...

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

the best chilean

is a difficult question... because i think that in this moments that the people catalogued as the best person or the best citizen, is by some participation in a fact of the daily life or a contingent fact....
i believe that the name of the best chilean is a "prize" for popularity and not for a real action for the country. For me, the best chilean have that to be a person that represent the all country, and don't have a opposite opinion... and in this moment don't exist this person.
as well don't exist the person that thinks in the good of the rest... more fine exist the preocupation for he personal welfare and not for the social welfare.

And if in this moment, exists people that the community believe that deserve, the name of the best chilean, is for that they had been facts that the must to do... for that your role as public person or celebrity, say that is what they must to do... for to fulfill with this papers... for to remain in the public opinion.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

If i could choose a job, obviously will be of geographer, because is my vocation, and developing this job i can travel around the world… and other job that could choose will be pilot of helicopters… because the can fly and to know the world, like it looks in the maps jajajaja i believe that i would choose anything job that permit me can travel and aren’t shut in a office.
I think that enjoy this job because is my passion the to be in differents parts of the world, looking differents place, and differents people. I believe that my secret mission in this world is to be an explorer… but i don’t know which is the i have that to do jajajjaja…
I will be satisfied with this job, because is that i want to do! I want travel and to know, and to walk around the world… jajajja… and like pilot the helicopter i could to jump in parachute. And to fly by the airs and to be happy by somo moments.
I know somepeople geographer, but dont like me their job, because they are teacher in universities and are approached in the social area, and to me dont like this topic of the geography… and too meet to a pilot of helicopter, because my uncle is commando, and one of the formers of the parachuting school in our country… and moreover of to be helicopter pilot is too paratrooper … although now he this removed… i hope still i have a oportunity of to jump!!!!