jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

the best chilean

is a difficult question... because i think that in this moments that the people catalogued as the best person or the best citizen, is by some participation in a fact of the daily life or a contingent fact....
i believe that the name of the best chilean is a "prize" for popularity and not for a real action for the country. For me, the best chilean have that to be a person that represent the all country, and don't have a opposite opinion... and in this moment don't exist this person.
as well don't exist the person that thinks in the good of the rest... more fine exist the preocupation for he personal welfare and not for the social welfare.

And if in this moment, exists people that the community believe that deserve, the name of the best chilean, is for that they had been facts that the must to do... for that your role as public person or celebrity, say that is what they must to do... for to fulfill with this papers... for to remain in the public opinion.

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  1. friend, I think you are wrong, because there are many people who are good in Chile.kiss