miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

My favourite game

When i was child, was "EL Tombo", and "El Alto", the first game played with two team, opposite one of other, with 6 or more members everyone, and one ball. for the two team, to choose a lot of bases, in a space outdoor, in the we can run without to bother whit the shouts or with the ball.

every team have a turn for to play, being one team the that run and th other the team that to burn with the ball... like a the baseballhab that to exist a pitcher of the a team, and a batter that in this case hit the ball with the arms from a much distance, for the opposite team take to long in go the look and the to pick up the ball. this is it for can run for the bases and to score a point. The turn finish whe the team that hit and run, to make past a every your members and loose the oportunities og to score more point, for like that to can to begin the other team.

I played when i arrived of the school and we was in the street with my meighbor, that too was littles like i.
I like this game because is a funny game, in this you can share with your friends, to run and to shout how you want...

3 comentarios:

  1. I think this game was one of my favorite games when i was in the school. I still played this game few year ago.

  2. TOMBO !! haha
    we should still play this tipes of games

  3. friend, is very complicated game that you chose I personally prefer simpler game with fewer rules.